It's A Tough Life for a (Fake) Coach

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Would you trust this man to coach your football team? Apparently the FNL folks think Hubs makes a pretty good blue pixel because he's been called twice to come to a shoot.

The picture is from our extras experience last month. See how happy he was? How thrilled he was to be picked to be Extra #204 (Panther Coach)? Yeah, that happiness is long gone.

We got our paychecks this week. Now, extraing does not pay a whole lot. It's hourly, and it's kind of crappy hourly pay. You hope for overtime, because that means you're getting time and a half.

Anyway, Hubs was released from his "specialty" role at two-thirty in the morning, giving him only an hour and a half of overtime. Us lowly fans weren't released until four-thirty, thereby giving us four hours of overtime. Also, the powers that be took pity on us cold, hoarse fans and gave us $50 bonus for sticking it out. So when Hubs looked at my paycheck, he was not thrilled to notice that it was double the amount of his.

"It's not fair," he said. "I was there as long as you were and I had to stand the whole night and I had to go through wardrobe."

"Right. Poor, mistreated you that got to chat it up with the actors and crew. And, wasn't that Kyle Chandler you were tossing the football around with before they started taping?"

"All I'm saying is, any job that makes you take off your pants should pay more."



Tabatha said...

He's just jealous because you made more money than he did. How does he know you didn't take your pants off? ;)

Love the blog...I'll add it to my blogroll!