Apologies, again

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Apologies again to my two blog readers. Once again I am hopelessly behind with bloggage. But I have a good excuse. Instead of writing blog entries, I've been busy on the first draft of a story. I finished said draft yesterday. It's strictly in shitty first draft stage right now, but I'm proud of it. Proud because this is the first short story in two, maybe two and a half years, that I have actually completed. Tomorrow I'll beat myself up over having so little to show for the last couple of years, but today I'm going to enjoy the moment.

Also, I've finally found a writing schedule that seems to agree with me. I've been getting up and going straight to the coffeeshop in the morning. No passing Go. No collecting $200 (or even $20 from the ATM). I go straight to work and once I'm there, I make myself keep going for X amount of time. If there are people out there that still believe the writer's life involves sitting around the house and scarfing bon bons while watching The View, waiting for the muse to strike, let this be evidence to the contrary.

That said, today I'm sitting around the house, eating bon bons and watching The View.

No, but I am taking a one-day reprieve from fiction writing in order to attend to the laundry, the cooking, the grocery shopping, and all the other errands (and bloggage) I've neglected. Tomorrow, it's back at the coffeeshop bright and early.