Super Tuesday

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My browser crashed not once, but twice after I'd completed the Select a Candidate quiz from WREG-TV. Hmm, do you think it's trying to tell me something?

I'm not feeling the excitement of this election year like (apparently) the rest of the country is. I think I'm still worn out from all the madness and disappointment over the 2004 elections. And from the 2000 elections before that. Needless to say, the last eight years have not been good years to be a Democrat.

But the good news is that I've been hearing more election buzz this year over any other. Talk of the primaries and the national election has spilled over to the few knitting and lifestyle message boards I read and to other (usually) nonpartisan blogs. I don't recall this happening as much last election, but I'd like to be wrong about that.

Politico junkie that he is, Hubs is reloading I'm. . . well, I'm probably going to skip the returns and retire to the sofa with an O.Henry collection of short stories. I can't see any definite winners coming out of tonight, can you?

Quiz update: Finally got it to work! According to this quiz, it's a 50-50 split between Clinton and Obama. However, this somewhat similar quiz suggests that I'm much more in line with Clinton's platform. Interesting. . .