Finished!: Lopi Lace Scarf

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can keep my knitter membership card for one more month. I finally finished the Lopi Lace Scarf from Weekend Knits. This particular "weekend" knit took me about a month to finish. It was also the first not-to-be-felted project that I've done since oh... March? That is to say, the knitting on this actually mattered. And I had to get back in to the swing of things, ya know?

Anyway, a little history behind this project. The yarn is Reynolds Lopi Lite, which is what the pattern calls for. I even did it in the same colorways shown in the book. No originality here. I bought the yarn several years ago after I'd just started knitting and had yet to realize that you could substitute yarn for a project. So I've been sitting on this yarn for over four years and through three moves and I finally dragged it out of my stash last month when I was looking for an easy knit to get me back into the knitting game.

As for this particular easy knit... It's not a complicated pattern, it's really not. Yet somehow I unknitted and reknitted the first quarter of this scarf. And Lopi Lite does not unknit well, let me tell you. It's splitty and clingy and the worst kind of yarn to unknit. And then there was the matter of my cat breaking the yarn.... Weekend knit, it was not. But it's over and I'm done with yarn overs for awhile.

If you aren't on Ravelry, here are the relevant details:

Pattern: Lopi Lace Scarf by Pam Allen from Weekend Knits
Yarn: Reynolds Lopi Lite (MC - Rose Heather, CC- Celery Heather)
Pattern Alterations: None. Except maybe unknitting and reknitting every other row. I think that gives the scarf its special look.

Next on the needles: Bamboo socks and "Hubby needs a neckwarmer" scarf.